Riding Lessons

by: Jessica Janetski


Does your kid need to learn the basics?  

Do you want to get back into riding?

Well look no further…here at Raine N Dreams Farm we are committed to everyone dreams becoming a reality. That reality may be as simple as a one on one consultation, or maybe you need more help.

Raine N Dreams Farm has the answer for you. 


Jessica has had over 40 years in the horse business has had many years as a 4-H leader and Equestrian team Coach, and is a National IBRA Finalist with her horse Legacy who is just the latest in her long line of successful horses that she raised and trained.


She has now accepted with limited engagements as she is continuing her own barrel racing career, an instructor position here at Raine N Dreams. Jessica has a commitment to making sure that every horse can give you a great ride you just need to find the right combination of equipment and timing with you and your partner.

Jessica likes to provide instruction for those riders that are about making sure their partner is experiencing the fun of the ride as much as they are. If that sounds like you then please take advantage of her limited engagement with us here.

You can set up your consultation time or a course of 6 lessons with Jessica here.


Private Lesson: $40/hr

Group Lesson: $30/hr

4-H, Eq. Team, & FFA Discount lesson: $20/hr


Packages Deals: 6 Privat Sessions- $200

6 Group Sessions- $150

Contact Jessica for more info at: 



we are only a phone call away


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